No Worries

icon-okTake care of your company business and leave the management of your backup's with us.

Security is Vital

icon-shieldSecurity is not something extra.  It's essential when it's about your information.

Unlimited Space

icon-cloud-uploadAlways have the space you need, even if you have multiple versions.

Professional, Secure, Fast...

HostingVault is a completely online business service, that guarantees the backup of your business vital information. This includes your databases, your e-mails or other important files, making possible to recover all of them easily and fast.

All your files, mails or databases are stored safely and confidentially, using encryption keys of your data and its access.

Secure, Available, Reliable...

This service is extremely secure and efficient to protect all your business data.

Taking into account how important data is for companies, having updated backups and being easy to restore them, makes all the difference to assure the everyday activity of the company, as well as complying with the conformity requirements.

Losing data, even if it's only one day of work, can be devastating for any company.

Automatic, Online, Easy...

It's up to you to select which data to backup, and choose the schedule time.

Your data is sent to our servers, placed on a high available Datacenter through a secure connection (SSL) and encrypted by the highest security technology (AES 256 bits).

At any moment and as long as you are connected to internet, you will be able to restore your data and control the state of your backups, easily and safely.

Affordable, Available, Predictable...

Since nowadays communications are easily affordable and the security rules are on place, online backup are the best reliable option.

The payment for the service is by usage, depending of the amount of equipment used, such as personal computers or servers, as well as the space needed.

This way it's possible to start with a very low price and start increasing on your company needs step by step.


Start your backups now, without any hardware or software investment. Check out the efficiency and speed of the platform for free. You will be able to adjust it progressively depending on your needs.

 In English

All platform is in English, this includes the backup client, documentation and the managment console.


Your backup data is encrypted on your computer using 256 bits AES technology (advanced encryption standard). Once encrypted, your data is sent to our servers.

 Secure DataCenter

The Data Center uses the Windows Azure platform, with redundancy in Europe (Amsterdam, Dublin). One geo-cluster is installed in the United States (Virginia) with replication to the East Coast.

 Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage with guarantee of long lasting availability. With multiple versions of each backup, you can always recover the oldest data.

 Huge Files?

Our service does not have any limit on the size of the files. You can Backup files of any size!

 Universal Backup

Whenever you are connected to internet, your backup and restore are done the same way. So, no need to worry where you are, your data will be stored and recovered as easy.

 Databases and E-mail

You can backup yours MS SQL or MySQL databases as well MS Exchange databases or individual mailboxes. All the backups are fully configurable.

 Recover Files? Easy!

The intuitive easily accessible interface allows you to restore your files anywhere, without any specialized technician. As long as you are connected to internet, you're ready to go!

 Management Console

Through the management console in the internet you can verify the state of your account, the space used, the state of your backups, download the client software as well as many other options that allows you to manage your account.

 Smart Scheduling

Since the agent is completely configurable, you can easily choose the schedule that best suits you to backup each data set.

 Smart Data Management

Your data is analyzed and only the changes are transferred, adding an effective compression. This speeds up the dispatch of the data and decreases its storage and cost.

 User Interface

The intuitive easily accessible interface allows you to backup or restore your data without any technical knowledge.Even if your machine is shutdown, your backup will be done immediately upon restart.

 Operating Systems

Compatible with all the main operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2008/2012, Mac OS X, Linux Redhat, Debian and Ubuntu.
 Ready for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2.

Are You Ready?

Profit from our excellent service that no other service provider can offer.

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  •  Install the agent
  •  Setup your backup
  •  Ready to GO!


For your personal computer.
Includes the license and 10 GB of storage.

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For servers with support for MS SQL and Exchange databases.
Includes license and 50 GB of storage.

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Special options for specific needs.

   Please call us.

In which operating systems can I use this service?

This service is compatible with all the main operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP,Vista,7,8 or higher, Server 2003 or higher, Mac OS X Workstation and Server, Linux Redhat,Suse, Debian and Ubuntu)

How can I restore my files?

You can restore them in two different ways, either by the management console installed on your computer/server, or in the cloud with the ID you get when you subscribe.

If any of the backuped files are modified, do I need to copy them entirely?

No, this service uses the most advanced synchronizing technology, which can identify in real time, the data sets that are modified, and only copy these sets. This minimizes the amount of data flow and speeds up the whole process.

For how long can the files be stored?

There isn't any time limit as long as you have enough space.
However, since the service is configurable, you can decide how long you want to keep your data.

What do I have to do to start scheduled backups?

The scheduling allows the backups to be automated, so no need to worry about doing them manually. Your computer/server must be connected to internet and the agent will do everything for you, allowing you to carry on working.

If I forgot my encryption key, is there a way to recover it?

The encryption key (created by you upon activating the service), is not stored in our system to guarantee complete confidentiality. Therefore it's your own responsibility to assure the key's privacy and security.
Since this key is the only possible access to all your account's information, losing it will disable you from recovering your data.

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